Hire Smart

What’s new in Hire Smart

Leverage the power of social media to find the best and the brightest talent in the market.

  • Suggest

    Refer from your connections that makes the most powerful and highest quality of your hiring process.

  • Engage

    Easily scour through social networks, resume databases and the Internet to line up prospects with the skill sets your company needs,even when they’re not actively searching for a job.

  • Recruit

    Hire is easy to use, improves the speed and quality of your talent acquisition strategies, creates a great candidate experience and increases your referral and social network hires.

Supercharge your Recruitment Workflow.

  • Elevate

    Easily create fully branded employer presence on Facebook and create brand awareness.

  • Employable

    View out-of-the-box reports to determine ROI on different social recruiting activities.

  • Efficient

    Become accessible to passive candidates and provide them with a unique social job search experience